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WordPress is a PHP-based, open source content management system () for creating websites and blogs. Through its dynamic presentation of content, webmasters have the flexibility to create beautiful and useful websites easily. Through its system of filters and hooks, WordPress allows developers to extend functionality through pieces of code called functions, which can be grouped into separate executables called “plugins”.

WordPress as a content management platform should be distinguished from wordpress.com, which is a hosted solution by the creators of WordPress. For a discussion of the differences, visit WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

This tag is for programming-specific questions related to WordPress. For example, if you are writing a plugin and a specific piece of code is not producing the desired output. See the links section below for a link to the WordPress question area on Stack Exchange.


NOTE: The content of this tag was originally posted at StackOverflow.com

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I recently was contacted by a client who simply wanted to increase their organic rankings in Goog...
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