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What’s the best blogging software for a developer? In addition to the normal blogging stuff I want:

  1. Code snippets with highlighting in many languages, though primarily python and C++
  2. Good markup syntax
  3. Runs on linux
  4. Ability to put images, such as diagrams, inline

If Wordpress is the answer, what plugins should I get? In the past I’ve had trouble with snippets in wordpress.

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I recommend Jekyll and use for comments. For pretty printing code prettify.js works great.

Example of blogs using Jekyll:

My blog


The Pug


List of many more here

Another interesting blog engine is gitblog (another link) if you may run git on your webhosting.

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I totally agree that Wordpress with the SyntaxHighlighter Plugin is a great choice for your purpose.
Additionally, you might want to check out a plugin I developed some time ago: SyntaxHL Editor. It offers a simple GUI to enter and modify the source code in your post.

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Most Blogware meets 3 and 4 pretty easily (all the ones I know do, anyway).

1 is usually handled through a plugin; Wordpress has the one mentioned in your comments, SyntaxHighlighter (, but if your chosen platform doesn’t have one you can use this javascript based one: and make your own plugin for it. That’s actually anothr criteria I’d add to your list if I could, “Ease of extension”.

2 is probably the biggest differentiator between blog engines. Given your requirements, I”d recommend checking out Expression Engine (has the greatest / easiest control over emitted markup that I’ve seen), with Wordpress and Blogger following not far behind.

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