Welcome to SabaiDiscuss Demo

This is the demonstration site for SabaiDiscuss. Here you can see the the SabaiDiscuss plugin actually running with some sample questions and answers set up.

Questions and answers on the demo were imported from StackOverflow.com through their API and thus you can see attribution links to their site everywhere. However, these links were added for this demo site only, because their content is CC BY-SA licensed and attribution is required. The links are not added by the SabaiDiscuss plugin, of course.

Here are some quick links to the types of pages you would typically see on a site using SabaiDiscuss:

Questions Page
Displays a list of all questions sorted by post date, last active date, number of votes or views.
Single Question Page
Displays a single question with answers posted to the question.
Categories Page
Displays a list of question categories.
Tags Page
Displays a list of all active tags, sorted by popularity, name, or creation date.
Single Tag Page
Displays a detailed description of a single tag with list of questions attached to the tag.
User Profile Page
Shows the basic profile of a user with questions and answers posted and favorited by the user.
Ask Question Page
Post a question from this page using the Markdown editor with live preview.
Members Forum (requires login)
This forum is an example of installing multiple instances of SabaiDiscuss. The forum runs completely separate from the main installation and is configured to be accessible by registered users only.

There are 5 shortcodes available with the plugin. You can see the details of the shortcodes and their examples on the following page:

Shortcodes Documentation

There are also 9 widgets available for the plugin, which are all displayed on the right side of this page. Yes, the button at the top is also a widget. 😉

You can post questions and answers without registering to the site but they are not published until they are approved by the administrators.

Demo Account

You must be a registered user of this site to see the features of the plugin that are not available to anonymous users, such as posting questions and answers without approval, posting comments, voting, flagging, and favoriting questions and answers.

For that we have created a demo user account that you can use:
Username: demo
Password: demo

Here is the permission settings of the demo user:

Add Questions
Add Questions (without approval)
Edit own Questions
Edit any Question
Delete own Questions (if unresolved and has no more than 1 Answer)
Delete any Question / Manage flagged Questions
Close own Questions
Close any Question
Mark Questions featured
Vote up Questions
Vote up own Questions
Vote down Questions
Flag Questions
Add comment to Questions
Edit own comments on Questions
Edit any comment on Questions
Delete own comments on Questions
Vote up comments on Questions
Vote up own comments on Questions
Flag comments on Questions

Add Answers
Add Answers (without approval)
Edit own Answers
Edit any Answer
Delete own Answers (if not yet accepted by the Question author)
Delete any Answer / Manage flagged Answers
Vote up Answers
Vote up own Answers
Vote down Answers
Flag Answers
Add comment to Answers
Edit own comments on Answers
Edit any comment on Answers
Delete own comments on Answers
Vote up comments on Answers
Vote up own comments on Answers
Flag comments on Answers

Add Tags
Edit Tags
Delete Tags