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The WP global variable $pagename should be available for you, I have just tried with the same setup you specified.

$pagename is defined in the file wp-includes/theme.php, inside the function get_page_template(), which is of course called before your page theme files are parsed, so it is available at any point inside your templates for pages.


  • Although it doesn’t appear to be documented, the $pagename var is only set if you use permalinks. I guess this is because if you don’t use them, WP doesn’t need the page slug, so it doesn’t set it up.

  • $pagename is not set if you use the page as a static front page.

  • This is the code inside /wp-includes/theme.php, which uses the solution you pointed out when $pagename can’t be set:

    $pagename = get_query_var('pagename');
    if ( !$pagename && $id > 0 ) {
    // If a static page is set as the front page, $pagename will not be set. Retrieve it from the queried object
    $post = $wp_query->get_queried_object();
    $pagename = $post->post_name;

NOTE: This answer was originally posted at StackOverflow.com by AJJ

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