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President of Napoli Reveals Cause of Sarri's Departure


Maurizio Sarri is no longer a coach of Naples. President Aurelio De Laurentiis also spoke about the main problem until Sarri finally left.

Sarri actually counted successfully led Napoli this season. He led Napoli to compete with Juventus for the Scudetto before finishing second with 91 points, the club’s new record.

Napoli actually had led the standings a few weeks because of the impressive performance in the first half. But, inconsistencies come until finally Juventus chase and return to become champion. Carlo Ancelotti came to replace Sarri.

De Laurentiis admits he has always supported Sarri. However, the attitude of the coach who continues to hang and as if not sure of his future in the club makes the president chose to take decisive action.

“I’m always polite to him, always support him, but on some points, if you have a contract with me for two more years, but suddenly hesitate like saying ‘I do not know will survive or not’, ‘I do not know if the club can keep his best players ‘,’ in life sometimes it’s best to end the story when it’s good ‘It shows a clear message that he is impatient and lacks confidence,’ De Laurentiis told Corriere dello Sport.

“Maurizio never responds to me (if you stick around or not) If you close the door in front of my face, I will politely go and not bother you, but in just a few moments,” he continued.

“After that I have the right and duty to protect this club and start looking for a new one.”.

Sarri is not actually fired by Napoli and is technically still in contract on the team within the next two years. De Laurentiis nonton streaming bola also made sure that it made sense if other clubs tried to recruit him.

“If anyone comes to negotiate, I will try to be reasonable, I am not a vengeful person and always thank Sarri,” he concluded.

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