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php code test

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[ThemesPlugins.com][1] is testing this plugin.
is the below code ok? (it’s just a php code for test):

/* Initialize some variables using C style comments
$a – contains a-coefficient
$b – contains b-coefficient
$x – value we are evaluating
$y – result from evaluating equation */
$a = 1; $b = 2; $x = 1;
$y = $a * $x + $b;
if ( $y < 5 ) // C++ style comment, check if y<5
# Shell style comment, display something when y

and here is sample text after the code.

[1]: http://themesplugins.com

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Best Answer

ok, it seems links doesn’t open in new window/tab. also ?> should be part of the php code.

  • onokazu
    you can use a wordpress plugin that opens external links in a new window... As for the ending ?> tag, you need to put 4 spaces before it to be recognized as the part of the code, which is how Markdown works.
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Best Answer

Albert, thanks for responding. Adding an option to open links to new page would make your plugin much flexible. Regarding putting 4 spaces before code, I guess no one know should do this, only if you notify them before.

That was our honest testing and review.

  • demo
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