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Cannes is important, so is the Other Film Festival


Indonesia can not be present at the Cannes Film Festival which takes place on 8 to May 18, 2018. Deputy Field Marketing Agency for the Creative Economy (Bekraf), Joshua Noble Praise, stating that the focus of the current Bekraf as one of the Government agencies that maintain the film is the promotion of the film industry through networking and unlock the potential of cooperation.

The absence of Indonesia in Cannes apparently leaving polemics. The trigger is the statement of the Chairman of the International Festival Field and Foreign Relations Agency Film Indonesia (BPI), Dimas Jayasrana.

According to Dimas, as written between, Indonesia does not need to participate first in Cannes and focus to fix the fundamental problems in the domestic film industry. Dimas also mentions, during this, the presence of Indonesia in Cannes “is just a waste of budget and energy.”

Dimas statement instantly raises a debate among the perpetrators of the film. Many of them are caught that Cannes “not important” to film Indonesia.

“But baseball so. Cannes do matter. But, as with other festivals. Statement I seem mean that baseball was important to Cannes. I just emphasized, in the context of the country. Not an individual, “he said.

Tirto, on Sunday (13/5) yesterday, had the opportunity to chat with Dimas in the workplace in numbers Kwitang, Central Jakarta. For one hour more, Dimas said a lot of things, ranging from the meaning of the film festival film Indonesia, issues, and of course the Cannes Film Festival.

Nowadays, the plural is found that large-scale international film festival is the achievement of a “wow” for perpetrators of film and ecosystems therein. In fact, there is a judge, assortment of Cannes international film festival, Toronto, Sundance is to “step to advance the” movie within the country. What do you think?

The answer can be Yes, and could also not. Depending on how the filmmaker is seeing and knowing behave each festival. Because basically the identity of each festival were not the same. For example, if the short film, Yes, to the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, so his short film market with such a huge turnover and tangible economic valuation.

The departure of the filmmaker to the festival referring to the profession as well as their respective tasks. Estetiknya with the Mission Director and producer with the Mission of their funding, say. From there, then there are two kind of vision: the aesthetic and the networks that deliver to the next project.

Actually, that is not less important to mention is about how the filmmaker understood the festival that will be targeted. Busan is strong here, the Sundance here, etc. When they already have a mapping, then there is one of the important capital could be used to achieve the goal.

However, the process does not stop up there alone. After the festival finished, there should be communication management of the filmmaker to follow up what they do at the festival. There is some kind of connection and sustainability. The Festival was ending, but not quite so beginning. International festival that will always benefit the filmmaker, it’s a fact. But, the question is can the baseball so they benefit from it? The film festival is about sorting, selecting, and follow up on its development.

Of all existing international film festival, Cannes is often considered the most special. Why is this so?

In the map of the world film festival, spoken not merely in terms of aesthetic. There are politics, mafia, and big business in it. So, in this context, according to gue Cannes managed to build his image as a brand that is believed to be the perpetrators of the film around the world. This is important. All the festival, basically, are equally important. They also had a vision for to get that brand. Cannes so important because they have a brand to be built. Not to the extent as festival, but also the ecosystem.

There is a new festival 10 years road, but has begun to get its own place among the filmmaker. But lo, when unwilling to talk fantasy film, Yes, lo to this festival. If lo want to talk about aesthetic, Yes, to yalla shoot com Cannes. However, in General, every film festival had some sort of relationship. Rope temali. They also read each other behave with each other. There is a festival with a program and a similar ideology. When it’s like that, always they working together. Like he said, ‘ uh, is there a movie I haven’t played because I slot is full. I drop down to the festival lo, Yes. ‘

How a mechanism can be taken a country like Indonesia to be able to perform at the festival range of Cannes?

The world film festival had a strong program. It’s about the market and network. The Festival, right, was taken from the word festive which means celebrate. The film festival is about celebrating movies from all aspects. The economic, social

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are equally important. They also had a vision for to get that brand. Cannes so important because they have a brand to be built. Not to the extent as festival, but also the ecosystem.

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