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Axl Rose and 20 stories (maybe) you've never heard of


He had foretold to die young. Either an overdose, suicide. He was known to have a severe mood swing, a number of people nearby to call Axl suffer depression mania. But Axl Rose still stand to this day. Okay, her stomach membuncit and hair thinning. His voice, though it got lost somehow to where, slowly come back and remind people will sound from the most dangerous band in the world.

February 6, 56-year-old Axl 2018. At the age of six, he heads towards such a start can be made peace with himself. streaming bola Most important: he could make peace with Slash and Duff, two of his colleagues in the Guns N Roses that never dimusuhi for two decades more.

Back rukunnya three of these people make Guns N Roses back are inside the circuit of the world’s greatest rock band. They again toured the world, Not in This Lifetime, unmitigated: runs two years. There is not much different from the Use Your Illusion tour which runs from January 1991 to July 1993.

Axl even like to dwell on one band only. He was willing to accept the mandate of Angus Young, to become the vocalist of AC/DC. Not an easy job, considering the character of Brian Johnson voice already so AC/DC’s image for more than 30 years. But Axl managed to get through it in a world tour with AC/DC.

To celebrate the birthday of Axl Rose, the man most badung from Lafayette, he is 56 stories about Axl who may have never heard of.

1. She just learned that his name was William Bruce Rose, Jr. While finding his diploma age 17 years. During it, he thought that his name was William Bruce Bailey.

2. Mother Axl named Sharon Elizabeth. She married William Bruce Rose when he was 16 years old. The two were divorced when Axl was two years old.

3. Before a divorce, William had to kidnap and commit sexual abuse on Axl. The father is believed to have died due to criminal cases in 1984.

4. Sharon then married Stephen l. Bailey, and it Axl renaming so William Bruce Bailey.

5. Although Stephen known religious, but he was rude. Axl routinely beaten, and his sister, Amy, sexually abused for 20 years.

6. In Lafayette, Axl is known as a bully. He was arrested more than 20 times.

7. In high school, making the band along with Axl Jeffrey Dean Isbell, later known as Izzy Stradlin.

8. The town of birth of Axl, Lafayette, Indiana, inhabited by 43 thousand people in the Decade of 1980.

9. According to Monica Gregory, kawan lama Axl who open a shop clothes for rock fans, Axl teenagers often harassed and dirisak because a longish-haired. Because it’s a longish hair anyway, Axl was often beaten to the police.

10. Axl including smart students in high school. However, he did not complete his studies because of busy drawing and painting.

11. When Axl was 20 years old, he had a lover named Gina Siler. During the 1982 to 1985, they became engaged over nine times.

12. Axl and Slash ever pursued by the shopkeeper from Iran who carry knives butcher. That experience made Axl wrote’s “One in a Million you”.

13. When boarding the vehicles headed to Los Angeles, Axl was almost raped by a man who gives her a ride room.

14. In Los Angeles, Axl had lived on Orchid Street, known as the area of prostitution and selling drugs.

15. Axl never threatened Johnny Thunders because teasing lover Erin, Axl. Johnny hide overnight in the locker room.

16. When the first bias got money recording, Axl save money on shoes and under the mattress. Axl can not open an account because it was reluctant to change the name. It was only a few moments toward teken contract, he changed his name legally.

17. Axl is known to have a hatred of the police. One of the songs that is thick with anger and hatred that is “Out ta Get Me “, which was written after Axl was almost arrested for allegations of rape that later proved false.

18. On 10 October 1989, Axl Rose punched David Bowie because teasing boyfriend Axl, Erin Everly. But both then so good friends.

19. dub Slash Axl as Ayatollah diktatornya attitude.

20. His friends in Guns N Roses dub Axl as Twain Wreck, due to the talk once he will be long, like the stories of Mark Twain.

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Okay, her stomach membuncit and hair thinning. His voice, though it got lost somehow to where, slowly come back and remind people will sound from the most dangerous band in the world.

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