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The Meaning of Soccer in Life


For Me soccer is not just a mere game but there is a philosophy of life that can be taken as a true soccer lovers.

Football shoulder to shoulder with each other with the same vision and mission in creating opportunities and achieve its goal of victory. Similarly, life that can not be separated from the dependence of people around us both in terms of politics, business, social and others of course with certain goals

Football requires skill and the right time to express it. Imagine if the skill is not used in place then the resulting jadwal bola deadlock only. Similarly our life certainly requires a certain skill and can be placed in the desired place. Life without expertise then we are just catchers who are only reserved and live under the shadow of a more skilled.

In the game of football there are times when we fall up without knowing surrender. Likewise life and we must fight for our lives though sometimes fell but still wake up again and do not know the word surrender.

In football we can see the speed is necessary both in terms of running, passing, and others and if lost quickly it will be struck by others. Similarly, in our lives that must think fast and act faster so as not to want to be taken over others. Fast, precise and accurate is what both soccer and life require.

In football there is certainly like his grief. At the moment the goal and win we can see the expression of happy and happy and if the opposite look sad face. Likewise life there are likes and grief.

Some say football is also like a soap opera full of plays. Remember the words of diving and acting are exhibited football players. And in life it also happens sometimes we need acting in order to profit our side. Although this is a bit cheat but still this part of the tactics of football and life that we live.

In football we know the terms of a breakthrough ball and in our lives also need a breakthrough also in order to live for the purpose quickly created.

Sebanarnya still banya positive meaning that we can take in football that we can apply in this life.

Greetings lovers soccer homeland Indonesia can.

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The Meaning of Soccer in Life
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For Me soccer is not just a mere game but there is a philosophy of life that can be taken as a true soccer lovers.

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July 2, 2018 9:30 am
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